Inspection Report of Darki Gram Panchayat, Block Saiyan, District Agra

Abhinav Tyagi
2 min readMay 29, 2017


Purpose of the Visit: The GP has been declared ODF at the GP level. So the visit was made to learn the sanitation level and usability of the toilets in the village. Following things were considered during the visit:

Verification of IHHL Toilets

Total Sanitation Level in the Village

Sustainability and usability of the toilets

Key Observation: Following things have been found and observed in the village during on-ground inspection.

Inspecting the constructed Toilets in the village
  1. The total compressed demand for IHHL in the village is 138 out of which 137 toilets are constructed and 1 other will be constructed soon.
  2. LGD(Local Government Directory) Coding missing on toilets, which is a unique code given to each toilet for geo-tagging the photos of the toilet and their identification.
  3. The entire village has cemented road and the no open cases of open defecation found.
  4. The constructed toilets are constructed as per the technical specification- Twin pit, Rural pan, Window, Gate etc.
  5. The primary schools and Anganwadi toilets were in poor shape and couldn’t be used by kids.
Inspecting the Anganwadi and Primary School Sanitation Standard and Toilets

Actions Required: There is need of getting the school and Anganwadi toilets renovated and also some IEC activities for sustained use of the Toilets.



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